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"We need a government that works for all people."

Ryan Ottney, of New Boston (Scioto County), Ohio, is an elected member of the New Boston Village Council and chairman of the Scioto County Democratic Party. With a BA in English communications and journalism minor, Ryan worked for nearly 15 years as an award-winning writer and editor for the Portsmouth Daily Times newspaper and now works as director of communications at the South Central Ohio ESC in New Boston.

His work in journalism engraved upon Ryan the importance of transparency and accountability, as well as the value of a free press. He has brought that value with him to public service, and as the first Democrat Senator for Ohio's 14th District, he will continue to act openly and honestly to represent the diversity of all people and ideas that reside throughout southern Ohio.

According to Ryan, the most important issues facing southern Ohio are jobs and the opioid epidemic, as well as affordable health care and quality education. Ryan calls himself a fiscally responsible social progressive, and as Senator Ryan will help rural counties keep more of their dollars at home to reinvest in their communities and help the people who need it the most!

Ryan is the son of Marylin Ottney and the late James Ottney (a former New Boston Fireman), and the grandson of former New Boston Mayor, the late Charles "Burr" Ottney. He has been happily married to Katie Ottney for 18 years, and together they have one young son, Chase.



I support Medicare-for-All because health care shouldn't be a luxury for the wealthy. Nobody should get sicker or die just because they can't afford life-saving medical care and prescriptions.

I support our labor unions; I will support collective bargaining and oppose unfair Right to Work legislation that hurts our jobs and wages. I support a $15/hour minimum wage, and enforcing workplace safety to protect employees.


I will protect the right of Ohioans to own firearms for sport and protection, and I support common-sense gun safety legislation while opposing dangerous Stand Your Ground laws.


As our planet warms we experience more extreme weather that threatens everything from agriculture to immigration. We need to invest in clean, renewable energies and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels that pollute the environment and endanger our future.


Substance abuse is a disease and non-violent drug users should be given treatment options, not prison. Marijuana should be legalized and regulated the same as alcohol and tobacco. The best way to improve our communities and lower the crime and drug rate is to treat the person, not lock them away. We can fix our community one person at a time. 


I will support equality for all people, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, religion, age, or income. This includes supporting the Ohio Fairness Act to prevent LGBT+ discrimination in housing and employment, a woman's right to choose and her right to equal pay, fighting against systemic racism in our justice system, and the right to practice your faith as well as the right not to have another faith imposed upon you. I will represent all people equally.


I will protect public education from cuts that harm our districts, teachers, and students. I will help expand broadband access and affordability so that children all throughout the state will have access to the same educational opportunities, and I will work to develop a new school funding model.


There are so many important issues that need our immediate attention, but many of them are blocked by lobbyists and special interests that spend millions on candidates who will protect their corporate profits. I will support a public campaign finance plan that eliminates the power that millionaires and corporations have over our legislative process, and I will help expose dark money. 


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